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Dalmatian | Remote Dog TrainerAn active and sociable breed like this needs a remote dog trainer to develop his skills.

The Dalmatian is an alert, active, and confident dog with plenty of energy and excellent skills when it comes to problem solving and obedience. Courageous, friendly, and outgoing, the Dalmatian is a dog that tends to bond closely with his owners, making him a great family pet, although h can be very strong willed, which may make him better suited to owners with some degree of experience in handling and training dogs.

Dalmatian | Leather Dog CollarThese dignified dogs love a wide range of activities, and are sociable and dependable, but owners will need to provide plenty in terms of physical activity as well as mental stimulation, otherwise these dogs can get bored and this can lead to destructive behavior.

You should ensure that you socialize your Dalmatian early on to aid a more stable temperament, as some lines can be aggressive. However, the Dalmatian tends to get on okay with children when raised with them, and will usually get on well with other pets - again early socialization is recommended.

Dalmatian | Dog FenceWhen it comes to strangers the reaction can depend on the individual personality of the dog, and can range from warm and friendly to reserved and polite. The Dalmatian is a protective dog, and this helps to make him quite an effective watchdog. The Dalmatian can be difficult to handle and manage unless you have the confidence, assertiveness, and experience to ensure he is properly trained.

Dalmatian | Dog Fence

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