Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Beauceron | Pet GatesSending this dog to a remote dog trainer is a good idea.

The Beauceron is self-confident, faithful, intelligent, gentle, fearless, and loyal. He tends to be aloof with strangers. He gets along well with children.

Beauceron | Dog FenceHe's protective of his family and makes a good guardian. He's and loving and affectionate with the family. He becomes deeply attached to his master. He's highly playful.

Beauceron | Leather Dog CollarHe isn't a couch potato, but an active dog that likes to burn his energy outside. If bored he can become destructive. His herding instinct remains strong and he may attempt to herd people or objects.

Beauceron | Remote Dog Trainer
Beauceron | Leather Dog Collar | Dog Fence

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Basset Hound

Basset Hound | Dog GatesEven though it is a low energy dog, it needs dog gates still.

Known as the clown of the canine world, a Basset Hound is sure to bring you some laughs. The Basset Hound is a terrific family pet, because they are intelligent, easygoing, sociable, loving, and loyal. They are great with children and other dogs, and are friendly with strangers. They love to be part of the family and go for rides in the car, watch TV with you, and play in the yard.

Basset Hound | Dog HousesThey are also prone to mischief. They are a pack hound, and are uncomfortable when left alone for hours at a time. If no humans are available, a Basset will need another dog or cat to keep him company. The Basset Hound is famous for being stubborn and strong-willed. He is a master of getting his own way. He will hurl his 65 pounds onto your lap when you are least expecting it, sometimes when you are sleeping. Even though the Basset was bred to be a hunting hound, they often behave more like an oversized lapdog.

Basset Hound | Dog Training AidsA Basset needs to be kept on a leash or safe in a fenced-in area. He will often follow a scent that interests him, which can sometimes lead him into dangerous situations, like a road. Even though they are not high energy dogs, they are capable of impressive bursts of speed. While Bassets can be lazy and love to sleep for hours in a patch of sun, they also love to go for long, unhurried walks. If you want to own a Basset, you must be comfortable with drool and slobber. Bassets love to eat and will beg for and steal food any chance they get. They are not opposed to climbing up onto the table to lick plates.

Basset Hound | Pet Gates
Basset Hound | Dog Houses | Dog Training Aids

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Australian Terrier

Dog bark collars is accurate to use in this energetic dog.

The Australian Terrier is tough, feisty, tenacious, energetic, intelligent, boisterous, adaptable, and agile. He is a touch mischievous with the courage of a much larger dog. An Australian Terrier will be happiest and at his best when in close contact with his family.

He shows great affection, gentleness, and loyalty for his immediate family, but can be wary of strangers. He is alert, responsive, curious, protective, and makes an excellent watchdog as he is quick to bark if someone approaches the home. Australian Terriers do not usually display aggression towards other dogs, but they can be a bit bossy. Two unaltered males in the same household will not get along. An Australian Terrier will chase cats, rabbits, and squirrels as his prey-drive is strong.

They love to play games with children and do well with youngsters if they are not teased by them. They may snap at a child who teases them. The Australian Terrier is intelligent but needs obedience training because he prefers to follow his own ideas. He can be quite full of himself, yet they are often easier to train than other terriers. They are born diggers and jumpers and have high energy levels, so they need regular exercise and consistent training to help control these behaviors.

Australian Terrier | Dog Doors | Dog Furniture

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd | Remote Dog TrainerThe Australian Shepherd, lovingly called an "Aussie," is a highly intelligent, incredibly energetic, people-loving dog who needs to have a job to do. They need lots and lots of exercise and will fit in well with an active person or family.

Australian Shepherd | Leather Dog CollarThey are bred to herd, and might try to herd anything, including you, your children, your neighbor's child on a bicycle, innocent strangers jogging past your house, ducks, squirrels, cats, and cars. You will need a dog fence to keep them off the road. They also have strong guarding instincts, and want to be near their family at all times. Originally bred as all-purpose farm dogs, Aussies were left to supervise the children while the parents worked in the fields. They are good with children, except for the occasional nipping at their heels to herd them into position. They will follow you from room to room and supervise you in the bathroom. They are very affectionate and will want to lick your face. They are assertive by nature, highly territorial and can be pushy.

Australian Shepherd | Dog FenceThey are very protective of their family and home, and are cautious around strangers. They need lots of mental stimulation and physical exercise, or problem behaviors will arise. They are the opposite of the couch potato dog. They need to have a sense of purpose, which is why so many of them excel in obedience and agility competitions. They are highly trainable, versatile, and are quick learners. They usually love to play ball and Frisbee, and many of them enjoy swimming. If you are in the market for a full-time center of attention family pet, full of exuberance and demanding of your attention, then an Aussie might be for you. They are good-natured, eager to please, and remarkably loyal. But they will need to be at the top of your priority list.

Australian Shepherd | Dog Fence
Australian Shepherd | Remote Dog Trainer | Leather Dog Collar

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Monday, September 13, 2010

How to choose the best dog?

There is no doubt that a pet is very near and dear to us. And everyone likes to think that theirs is the best breed. But with all due respect to all dogs, you have to be certain that the pet dog you choose is the right breed that will suit your life. So when it comes to where to buy pets from- make sure you find a breeder who will take the effort to screen the puppies or the dogs to make the best possible match for you, and will even give you some form of guarantee, as long as you also do your part.

That said; let us consider certain factors before you get a pet. First is the time factor. How much time can you devote to your pet? If you are a busy person, and you don’t have much time to devote to your dog make sure that you don’t get puppies.

Another issue would be affordability. Buying the dog is the cheap part. Make sure you can afford feeding the dog well and not to ignore medical emergencies, annual wellness checks and inoculations.

Next is your lifestyle. Understanding your own requirements is imperative. Bear in mind that size is not always relevant when it comes to energy and exercise levels a dog requires. Many smaller breeds are more active and energetic than some giant breeds.

Another issue is grooming, and all breeds of dog need grooming. So if you are a cleanliness freak consider a breed with lower shedding. Don’t get fooled by the coat length. A breed with short-coat can shed just as much as a long coated one.

Another very important issue is housing. A dog is a social animal, and getting a dog and having it chained in your backyard under a hut is no good housing. They should be part of the family and if you get a well trained dog, it is perfectly capable to have them live with you as a family. There are a number of stylish pet beds available and you can choose one that brings sophistication to any room at home. And be it indoors or outdoors, make sure your pets are secure. There are countless innovative pet safe products to make this possible.

Remember, bringing up your pup is a big responsibility and commitment to fulfill. They are intelligent as well as sensitive. And it is your responsibility to ensure that it is socialized and well trained. They all have the inherent capacity to learn, and many dog owners and trainers like to use a specific language while training. But German language seems to be more popular because German dog commands are short and distinct, and sound more forceful than their English counterpart. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use English. However, stick with one.

An important note-it won't respond well to harsh training methods. But if you treat them with love, you'll get it back in bucket loads. That’s a promise!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Basenji Dog

Basenji Dog | Dog GatesHaving a dog gates at home is helpful if you have this kind of dog.

Commonly known as the “Barkless Dog,” the Basenji is one of the oldest natural breeds in the world. The Basenji is a small hunting dog from Africa. He is a proud, faithful, teasing, playful dog who will try to outsmart you every chance he gets. He has a phenomenal intelligence, and is also an independent thinker.

Basenji Dog | Dog HousesThey have a reputation for being stubborn, but they can be taught in the hands of a skilled trainer. They are not terribly obedient. It is important to establish yourself as the pack leader with the Basenji, so early obedience training is important. The Basenji has a lot of energy and loves to play and to stay busy. He will need plenty of exercise.

Basenji Dog | Dog Training AidsWhile they are predominantly used as hunting dogs, they also excel at lure coursing, agility, and tracking. The Basenji needs to be kept on a leash or in a fenced area at all times. The Basenji has a strong prey drive and loves to chase. He is incredibly athletic and can jump over or climb most fences. He will dart for an open door or gate and be gone before you know it.

Basenji Dog | Remote Dog Trainer
Basenji Dog | Dog Houses | Dog Training Aids

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