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A very dignified and devoted dog, the Akita is a powerful and protective pet that makes for a great watchdog. This is an independent and often strong willed breed, and this can make training difficult. However, this is also a dog that enjoys playing in the colder weather, although his exercise needs are by no means excessive. When it comes to other pets, the Akita can be dog aggressive with dogs of the same sex, and may also be aggressive around others smaller animals. This is a breed that is usually fine with children that live in household, but can be protective when other children are around and can also be aloof and stand offish with strangers.

Akita | Pet GatesThe Akita is an intelligent and calm dog, but can be a challenge when it comes to training. His headstrong personality and stubbornness makes this a dog that is best suited for those with some level of experience in dog ownership. Whilst not an overly cuddly dog, the Akita is very loyal to his family. He can be very assertive, and when bored may become destructive or difficult to handle.

Akita | E CollarsThe height of the Akita is between 24-28 inches, and the weight is around 75-115 pounds. The coat of the Akita is harsh and straight, but has a softer, dense undercoat. There are various coat colors available, and this includes fawn, red, white, brindle, and silver. These dogs may also have a mask or blaze on the face, although not all Akitas have this. Although the grooming requirements for this breed are not overly high - to be done on a weekly basis - these dogs can be heavy seasonal shedders, and are therefore not best suited to those with allergies.

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