Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Pomeranian | Dog Bark Collars Pomeranian loves to play at dog furniture.

The Pomeranian is a small dog with an outgoing personality and plenty of character. These dogs are alert, energetic, and have lots of spirit. The Pomeranian is an intelligent dog and a quick learner, which makes training easy. The Pomeranian is a loving and affectionate breed, who thrives on the companionship and affections of his owners. He is well suited to those with little or no experience of dog ownership, as well as the more experienced.

Pomeranian | Dog DoorsIt is important to be confident and assertive with these dogs, as some can be bossy and a little big headed. However, they are also very amiable and friendly, making them ideal family pets. The Pomeranian will bark to raise the alarm if anything is amiss, and this makes him effective as a watchdog. He is a little on the small size to really have any impact as a guard dog, although his size may not deter him from giving chase to larger animals if necessary.

Bright and inquisitive, the Pomeranian enjoys playing with other animals. Their inquisitive streak means that they should have a safe, fenced area in which to play so that they do not escape.

Pomeranian | Dog FurnitureThe Pomeranian's reaction to strangers can vary depending on the personality of the dog, and whereas some will be friendly and welcoming others may be standoffish. When it comes to children these dogs should not be considered for a home with younger, boisterous kids. He is a fragile and dainty creature, and should be around only gentle, older children for his own safety. Entertaining, plucky, and fun to be around, the Pomeranian can make a great pet for families with older children, as well as a great companion dog for those looking for a loving and very cute friend. These are dogs that enjoy being pampered as much as they love to play.

Pomeranian | Dog Furniture
Pomeranian | Dog Bark Collars | Dog Doors

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Finnish Spitz

Finnish Spitz | Petsafe Pet CollarDog Retriever Trainer must be hire for this intelligent dog.

A very independent and often aloof dog, the Finnish Spitz is a breed that is strong minded and lively. These dogs love to play and stay active, and physical and mental stimulation is a must in order to avoid boredom and associated destructive behavior. Although these dogs are very independent, they can also be very loyal and devoted to their families, and are known to be particularly fond of children.

Finnish Spitz  | Dog Retriever TrainerThe Finnish Spitz may often bond with a particular person, but in general is a dog that loves the companionship of people and enjoys being a part of the family action. He does have a sensitive nature, and you should therefore ensure that he is not in an environment that is wrought with tension. Because of the independent nature of the breed it is important to ensure that he is socialized early on.

Finnish Spitz | Dog FenceAlthough the Finnish Spitz gets along with most pets, he can be aggressive towards same sex dogs, and may chase smaller creatures such as birds and rodents. His aloof and conservative personality means that he will also be reserved with strangers in most cases. This is an intelligent breed that is quick to learn, which can make training easier, but this can be offset by his independence and willful streak, which means that assertiveness and confidence is needed by the owner. That said, the Finnish Spitz is a dog that is well suited to both experienced and inexperienced dog owners.

Finnish Spitz  | Dog Fence
Finnish Spitz | Petsafe Pet Collar | Dog Fence

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Australian Cattle Dog

Patio Dog Door | Australian Cattle Dog What an energetic dog! Patio dog door deserve this one.

The Australian Cattle Dog is a very intelligent and highly trainable breed. He is a loyal and dedicated animal with a strong protective streak and a confident and strong willed personality. Bold and courageous, this is a dog that makes a good companion dog, and enjoys a wide range of activities. You will need to keep your Australian Cattle Dog occupied, as otherwise he can get bored easily and this can lead to destructive behavior. He needs a lot of exercise to keep him hard.

Australian Cattle Dog | Patio Pet DoorsThese dogs can be nippy and vocal, and their headstrong personality makes them more suited for more experienced owners rather than novice dog owners. He may try to gather children and visitors into groups by nipping and biting at the heels, due to his herding instinct.

The Australian Cattle Dog should be okay with older, more considerate children, but can be aggressive and wary around other dogs. These dogs are not really suited around cats unless they have been raised with them from puppy-hood.

Australian Cattle Dog | PetsafeThe Australian Cattle Dog is an intelligent and bold breed, but can be a little too headstrong, which means that they need to be handled assertively and firmly. You will also find that the Australian Cattle Dog has bags of energy and will enjoy all sorts of activities. His suspicious personality and vocal tendencies make him a good watchdog, but also mean that he will often be very wary of strangers.

Australian Cattle Dog | Petsafe
Australian Cattle Dog | Patio Pet Doors | Petsafe

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Field Spaniel

Field Spaniel | Dog Agility EquipmentIn training this intelligent dog, dog agility equipment might be needed.

A noble, docile, and graceful dog, the Field Spaniel is a breed that is responsive, intelligent, and affectionate. These dogs have a gentle nature and are eager to please, keen, and enthusiastic, with plenty to offer as sfamily pets. A very active and energetic breed, the Field Spaniel loves to play, exercise, and join in with all sorts of activities, such as running, hiking, biking, and more.

Field Spaniel | Electric Pet CollarHe is the ideal exercise companion as well as a good family pet, although his love of play means that he may be prone to getting himself messy and then traipsing mud and mess through the house! A very sociable and friendly breed, the Field Spaniel is well suited to the more inexperienced dog owner as well as the experienced.

Field Spaniel | Hunting Dog Collars OnlineField Spaniels love people, and will get on well with children, especially when raised with them - although he does not like to handled roughly so care should be taken around younger, more boisterous children. He will also get along well with other pets, and should be fine around strangers. Some Field Spaniels can be very independent, so confidence and assertiveness is needed in training. However, training should be fairly easy with this breed, as these dogs are intelligent, eager to learn, and obedient. The Field Spaniel is well suited to family life, and makes for a good family pet with a stable and well balanced nature.

Field Spaniel | Hunting Dog Collars Online
Field Spaniel | Hunting Dog Collars Online | Electric Pet Collar

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Polish Lowland Sheepdog

Polish Lowland Sheepdog | Electric Pet FenceThis intelligent dog deserves to have its own pet beds at home.

The Polish Lowland Sheepdog is a devoted family dog and is always eager to please his owners. These intelligent and loving dogs thrive on the love and companionship of their families and owners, and neglecting the Polish Lowland Sheepdog could lead to destructive behavior. This is not a dog for those with little time to devote to a pet, nor is it the right choice for inactive families, as the Polish Lowland Sheepdog needs plenty of exercise and has bags of energy.

Polish Lowland Sheepdog  | Pet BedsThese perceptive dogs are very quick to learn and have plenty of enthusiasm although they can be stubborn and very independent. They are also known to have excellent memories. The Polish Lowland Sheepdog is best with an active family and an owner that is confident and experienced in dog ownership and training.

The Polish Lowland Sheepdog is a loyal and protective dog towards his family, and this makes him an effective watchdog and guard dog. When brought up around children he is very good with youngsters.

Polish Lowland Sheepdog  | Configure gatesDominance and aggression towards other dogs can prove a problem and he should not be trusted around smaller animals that run. He will usually get along with other more submissive animals, but early socialization is important. His protective streak makes the Polish Lowland Sheepdog suspicious around strangers. Owners should also watch the dog's tendency to try and herd people and other animals, as is their instinct, by trying to push them together.

Polish Lowland Sheepdog  | PetSafe
Polish Lowland Sheepdog | Electric Pet Fence | configure Gates

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