Thursday, June 3, 2010

English Foxhound

English Foxhound | Pet gatesThis pet can be more friendly if it's always under dog bathing.

Lively, friendly, and energetic
, the English Foxhound is a breed that has a friendly nature and is eager and sociable. These dogs are agile and lively, and make for good companion pets, although they can take time to mature, which means that they may retain the stamina, playfulness, and energy of a puppy for longer periods than many other breeds.

English Foxhound | Dog bathingThe English Foxhound can be a very independent and headstrong creature, and is therefore best suited to those with some experience of dog ownership. Training may not be an easy task, and patience combined with confidence and assertiveness will be required.

The English Foxhound loves other dogs and will get along well with them; however, the high prey drive of this breed means that you will need to be careful around smaller animals, as he may give chase - ensure that he is socialized early with other pets in the household.

English Foxhound | Dog Car seatsThese dogs also get along well with children, although some may be a little too large and energetic for very young children. The English Foxhound may be friendly or reserved around strangers. These dogs will bark to indicate danger, and this can make them effective watchdogs. You need to ensure that your English Foxhound is not neglected, as boredom and lack of exercise can result in destructive behavior and chewing.

English Foxhound | Leather Dog Collar

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