Wednesday, June 30, 2010

American Water Spaniel

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Eager, enthusiastic, and very intelligent
, the American Water Spaniel is a dog that makes for a great companion and pet. This is a dog that has plenty of energy, especially when younger, and is loyal, dedicated, and fun to be around. The American Water Spaniel is suitable for newcomers to dog ownership as well as for the more experienced, and these dogs are very good around children that they have been brought up with, as well as with other animals.

American Water Spaniel  | Electric pet collarThe American Water Spaniel loves to be a part of the action when it comes to family fun and activity, and neglecting your American Water Spaniel can result in boredom and destructive behavior.

The American Water Spaniel is very alert and protective, and this makes him a good watchdog, although it may mean that he is a little reserved and on guard when strangers are around. You should be mindful that the American Water Spaniel does not like to be teased, and can be quite noisy in terms of barking and whining.

American Water Spaniel | Dog agility equipmetHe can also be possessive when it comes to his toys and his food. However, all in all this is a hardy and robust dog that loves to spend time with his family, enjoys play and exercise, particularly swimming and fetch, and although he can be stubborn can also be very responsive with the right training and attitude. This breed is very adaptable in terms of living environment providing they have the company that they crave, but will fare best in a house with a fenced yard so that they can get plenty of play and exercise.

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