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Pomeranian | Dog Bark Collars Pomeranian loves to play at dog furniture.

The Pomeranian is a small dog with an outgoing personality and plenty of character. These dogs are alert, energetic, and have lots of spirit. The Pomeranian is an intelligent dog and a quick learner, which makes training easy. The Pomeranian is a loving and affectionate breed, who thrives on the companionship and affections of his owners. He is well suited to those with little or no experience of dog ownership, as well as the more experienced.

Pomeranian | Dog DoorsIt is important to be confident and assertive with these dogs, as some can be bossy and a little big headed. However, they are also very amiable and friendly, making them ideal family pets. The Pomeranian will bark to raise the alarm if anything is amiss, and this makes him effective as a watchdog. He is a little on the small size to really have any impact as a guard dog, although his size may not deter him from giving chase to larger animals if necessary.

Bright and inquisitive, the Pomeranian enjoys playing with other animals. Their inquisitive streak means that they should have a safe, fenced area in which to play so that they do not escape.

Pomeranian | Dog FurnitureThe Pomeranian's reaction to strangers can vary depending on the personality of the dog, and whereas some will be friendly and welcoming others may be standoffish. When it comes to children these dogs should not be considered for a home with younger, boisterous kids. He is a fragile and dainty creature, and should be around only gentle, older children for his own safety. Entertaining, plucky, and fun to be around, the Pomeranian can make a great pet for families with older children, as well as a great companion dog for those looking for a loving and very cute friend. These are dogs that enjoy being pampered as much as they love to play.

Pomeranian | Dog Furniture
Pomeranian | Dog Bark Collars | Dog Doors

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