Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound | dog bathingI guess high pet gates are needed in this tall and hairy dog.

The Afghan Hound is one dog you shouldn't get if you aren't fond of cats.
This is because Afghan Hounds and cats are very similar in terms of personality even though they are of different species. The Afghan Hound is the wrong dog breed for you if you want a dog that is active, goofy and would chase after Frisbees.

Afghan Hound | dog car seatsDon't expect an Afghan Hound to go after a ball and even jump into the water to retrieve it. You'll be better off getting a Golden Retriever or a Black Labrador. A hunting sight hound, the Afghan Hound is very possessive. If it sees anything that moves, the Afghan Hound thinks that it is theirs.

Afghan Hound | retriever trainerIn general, Afghan Hounds can't live with cats or ferrets in the same household although some can. However, keep in mind that regardless of how well trained they are, Afghan Hounds have an unpredictable nature and they tend to rely more on their instinct. For instance, you should never let an Afghan Hound off its leash because once it hones in on a target, you will have a hard time getting it to come back or obey a command.

Afghan Hound | dog retriever trainer

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